Jan 6, 2010

Canned Gold or My Mercury is Rising

My mom's current husband is a fisherman - just like her dad, my dad, and all my brothers.  When I visited last week, I received a detailed description of how Allen "long lines" for tuna off the coast of Oregon (it involves a very long line).  I also received a case of home canned Albacore tuna.
It looks like the end of the line (har har) for the family tradition, partly on account of my nieces' and nephews' lack of interest, but mostly due long term mismanagement of Oregon's fisheries.  Even if the next generation of Kimm Kids wants to pick up sport fishing, they'll have a hard time finding any fish.  It breaks my heart, but Oregon's time as a great american fishery is over, and probably has been for a while.  That's not to say that I don't believe the situation can improve.  I honestly do.  Nature has an amazing ability to rebound when you stop effing with it.  I hope we figure it out before it's too late.  I love you, Oregon.


  1. Wow..must be tasty. My wife prefers to buy canned "tonna" from Italy. She thinks it tastes better than what's available here. The stuff you brought back with you must be off the hook. My mother makes an Italian dish with tuna, home made tomato sauce, and capers served with spaghetti. It's good.

  2. that does sound good. I might try something like that soon...