Jan 19, 2010

Grand Central Wonderland

I know I gripe about new york a lot (that makes me a real new yorker, right?) but there are some things about the city that I love - like Grand Central Station. It is truly grand. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and alight with a warm glow that calms the frazzled nerves, it also works better as a hub of mass transit than any other in the city. And last but far from least, it houses Grand Central Market. This is where I spend extra time waiting for my train, ogling and sighing, sighing and ogling.

to see my full photo album of grand central station, go to: frankie's grand central wonderland on facebook

1 comment:

  1. I'm about to be banned from markets like these. Anna sends me to the store for one thing and I wind up spending $50.00 on cheese and olives!