Jan 8, 2010

How Not to Make Thai Sticky Rice

When I’m in Oregon and my husband is at our house in New York, I call him every other day or so for a bonding chit chat.  We talk about recent events, the weather, mike’s feral bunny friend (real, not imaginary), and of late, my blogging activities.  This morning I told mike that blogging is more challenging than I’d expected.  I’m not only teaching myself to cook, but I’m also trying to become a food stylist, a photographer, a writer…and on top of all that crapola, I really need to learn HTML.  Sheesh.  My Manly Support Unit told me he thinks I’m a good writer, and that he also thinks it would be useful for me to post my cooking mistakes.  The last thing I said before I hung up was, “I’d better go.  I want to blog How To Make Thai Sticky Rice before the daylight hours end”.  (For now, I depend on natural light to take decent photos.  That’s why I didn’t post of pic of the coconut curried salmon dish I made last night.)  Well, here is a photo of How Not to Make Thai Sticky Rice.  All twenty five pounds of it.  I’m afraid it’s time for another Meltdown Avoidance Five Mile Run.  I will post how to make sticky rice tomorrow. 

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