Jan 29, 2010

Oregon Elk Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce

My brother Eli gave me some samples of the Oregon Elk his ladyfriend shot this season.  I agonized over how to cook it, because I’ve never made a great steak (it’s on my short list) I’ve never had elk, and one steak equals one chance to prepare it.  So I asked my brother Andy for advice and read a bunch of stuff online.  The consensus was that grilling is THE way to prepare steak. 

It’s sixteen degrees in upstate new york today, and our grill is hibernating under a few inches of snow.  Grilling was not going to happen.  But the elk steak was thawed and had to be cooked.  I thought to myself: out of all the recipes I read, which one would most closely mimic my brother Andy’s grilling technique?  I went with Alton Brown’s “pan seared rib eye” which involves a cast iron skillet, a 500 degree oven, and a range top on high heat.  It created so much smoke, I may as well have brought the grill indoors!  But it worked like a charm, and I didn’t ruin the elk. 

Here’s the elk steak with wilted kale, roasted garlic sweet potato mash, and a green peppercorn sauce.  Awesome!  (Thanks to the brothers Kimm.) 

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  1. Hi Frankie!

    Have you tried elk steak with wasabi mashed potato? Partnered with beer or wine, man, it's awesome! It definitely satisfied my appetite.