Jan 2, 2010

Pho for the Soul

There are plenty of places in Portland where you may procure a steamin’ bowl of Pho, but I think Pho Vietnam on 82nd and Foster serves one of the best.  The difference is in the broth.  The broth here is so flavorful, so rich and complex, I actually forego adding every other condiment on the table (me like sauces) and appreciate the soup just as the chef has prepared it.  A large bowl – too large, actually –  costs $7 and comes with a plate of fresh, crisp bean sprouts, sprigs of cilantro and thai basil, jalapeno slices and juicy lime wedges.  Now there's a veggie platter I can get excited about!
I gather that Vietnamese beef and noodle soup is comfort food for more than just Asian Americans.  It’s something of a cold remedy here in the pacific northwest, and I even have a friend who swears it’ll cure a hangover.  I always feel relaxed and happy after a good bowl of Pho.  It’s just what I need before I hit I5 for a journey to visit my awol mother, whom I have had almost no contact with since the early 80s.  
*note:  thanks to my fellow Phodophiliac friend Jen Bernard.

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  1. Have you ever been to some of the Pho places in Elmhurst? I haven't been in a while but I remember them being pretty good.