Jan 28, 2010

Today's Failure: low fat low sugar lemon pound cake

I love lemon flavored desserts.  And I love pretty much any kind of cake.  Problem is, all that sugar makes me feel kinda wacko like jacko.  And who needs any extra fat?  So I'm working on a relatively low fat low sugar lemon cake recipe.  This was my first try.  I cut both the sugar and fat by nearly half.  It looked perfect when I took it out of the oven.  I was like, "it's just that easy?".  Not.  The cake fell a few minutes later and ended up being slightly rubbery in texture.  It tasted great - my husband and I ate half of it as soon as I was done taking it's picture.  Still, I want to figure out how to prevent it from falling -  I'll address the textural issue at that point.  I hate to waste eggs yolks, but a lot of recipes I read called for extra egg whites.  I also read that cream of tartar helps stabilize eggs.  I'll give it a scientific go and post my results - and hopefully a good recipe.

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