Feb 28, 2010

The Big Chill

We awoke yesterday morning to over two feet of heavy wet snow smothering the neighborhood.  Trees that had cracked under the weight of it littered roofs and yards and obstructed our narrow dirt road.   

The electricity had gone out the night before.  Central Hudson predicted a four to six day break in service.  Our next door neighbor, a long time resident of the area, assured us it would be at least a week before anyone would be able to clear the roads enough for us to drive outta there.  Putnam county had declared a state of emergency. 

My husband had booked a job for American Express in manhattan that same day.  When you land a job doing the voice for an american express commercial, you don't flake because of a few feet of snow!  We decided to hike down the mountain and try to hitch a ride into town, where we hoped to get a train into the city.  And since we were flying to the Caribbean in a few days, we loaded our backpacks for the trip. 

And off we set for a potential five mile hike in the snow.  Did I mention we were bare foot?  We didn’t make it too far, because along our walk we encountered a crew that was clearing the roads of fallen trees.  They expected to be able to plow in a couple hours.  And mike had made some calls and was able to reschedule the American express job for monday.  So we hiked back up the mountain with a new intent to dig our car out of the snow. 

We spent a couple hours shoveling, and with some help from a neighbor with a snow blower, liberated the cr-v.  It was getting nice out, and I was awfully jazzed about shoveling snow, so we walked around the neighborhood to see if anyone else needed help excavating their vehicles.  We met some neighbors and I took some photos of the ridiculously cute cabin community in which we own a crappy but cute little house that sometimes loses heat, electricity, and water in the middle of winter.   

We were too tired after all the shoveling to evacuate, so we spent another night under one hundred pounds of blankets, sleeping next to the fireplace.  We drove to new york city today.  

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