Feb 13, 2010

Oh My Darlin, Oh My Darlin

Winter. Too. Long.  Motivation level low.  Morning activator in the form of Stumptown deemed off limits by recent allergy report.  Evening gladdener in the form of Merlot deemed off limits by said report.  The single food I would request as a last meal, Oysters, off limits due to that freakin’ report!  The good news is that I can still have oysters before I die…right before. 

To be perfectly honest, I’m not gonna to be able to stick to eating right for my particular immune system composition.  I love stumptown coffee.  I love red wine.  And although I rarely experience the joy of consuming them, I love oysters above and beyond.  I’m glad to have the information concerning the foods my body is reacting to; I could tell something was up and had been trying unsuccessfully to deduce exactly what for months.  But it’s a cruel irony that out of four foods my allergy report recommends I avoid, three of them are important to my sense of enjoyment in life (the fourth no-no is blueberries, which I can manage without).  It could be worse.  A lot worse.  I could be allergic to wheat.  I am deeply thankful to my immune system for that small mercy. 

Here’s a little something that momentarily lifted my spirits on this frigid grey winter day - Clementines.  So pretty, so juicy, and oh the citrussy aroma!  It’s almost as therapeutic as the smell of coffee L

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