Mar 11, 2010

Maho Bay Eco Camps - My Idea of Paradise.

A mere few hours’ flight, plus a taxi drive, followed by a boat trip, and topped off with a wild ride in the back of a pickup over narrow winding roads making hairpin turns on impossible inclines with soaring views of brilliant turquoise water below…is a nature lover’s dream resort called Maho Bay Eco Camps on the island of St. John in the American owned part of the Caribbean called the US Virgin Islands.  I first visited on a whim following what I refer to as The Great Depression of 2002, during which time I got skinnier than I’d ever dreamed possible but was too despondent to enjoy it.  I have returned to Maho Bay at least once a year ever since.  It is a paradise on earth. 

I hope you have your own idea of paradise, and are able to visit often.  Or perhaps you’re a person who actually resides in your paradise, in which case I admire you for your commitment to living a lifestyle that’s in alignment with your values.  You’re awesome!

Too see a collection of photos I’ve taken over the years, including a few from this past week’s visit, go to:  frankie's St. John photo album on facebook  

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  1. I went to Culebra, Puerto Rico for the first time back in 1995. The beaches were pretty deserted. This pic reminds me of Culebra. This looks like paradise to me.