Mar 14, 2010

Maybe I Could Be Happy Living in New York

Sometimes I think maybe I could live in New York.  As in, be happy living in New York.  You know, if I had so much money that I could live in a “house” like this one, overlooking central park, with a private yard in the back and a rooftop garden where I could grow my favorite herbs, juicy tomatoes and fragrant flowers.  I’d never have to take the city’s god awful subway system anywhere again.  I could step out the front door for a long jog in the park, or a short walk to my local French bakery for a cappuccino and a gourmet pastry.  I’d have memberships to all the great museums and the Central Park Zoo.  I’d need to be free to eat at the best restaurants as well.  I’ve had enough of feeling that the finer things New York City has to offer are off limits to the likes of me.  The inside of my house would be clean and bright – all white, with tons of windows and an incredible view of central park.  I could relax there, reading and sipping my Fortnum and Mason, or just watching the sun set over the trees.  I’d have a gourmet kitchen with two sinks and a gas range in a center island, perfect for filming cooking videos.  I’d hold lots of dinner parties.  I fantasize about dinner parties.  The living room would have a fireplace that we’d sit around with our wine or hot cocoa in the winter.  There would be an English garden and an out door kitchen and dining area in the back yard for summertime parties.  I’d hang lots of pretty paper lanterns back there.  It would be magical. The house would have an art studio for my various hobbies and related materials.  I wouldn’t need to clean up my room before I started another project.  I’d have projects all over the place.  There would be a soundproofed music studio as well, for the drums and guitars and a piano.  We could jam out any time.  I’d have to live close to an amazing grocery store that sells organic meat and produce that is truly fresh.  That would really make a difference in my level of satisfaction with life in The City.  Food means so much to me.  I wonder if I could keep bees on my rooftop garden, like that chick in Pushing Daisies?  I wish I was her, she’s so cute and spunky.  I’d love to raise a few chickens and collect fresh eggs for my baking projects.  I could pass the days cooking, making things, playing music, exercising, and entertaining friends.

If I had a life like that, would my siblings come visit me in New York?  Boy, that would really top it off, if I were so rich I could pay for my family to come hang out and be a part of my luxurious life in New York City.  I really miss my family. 

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