Mar 30, 2010

Pine State Biscuits in Portland or Glorious Gut Bombs Away!

I just ate this.  All of it.  I say if you’re going to eat a gut bomb, then go for a high quality bomb – one that’s hand made from fresh, local gut bomb ingredients.  That’s what you’ll get at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon. 

There’s a law in New York City requiring restaurants to post a calorie count for each item on its menu.  I might have skulked away from the line at Pine State Biscuits if the number 2000 (I’m just guessin’) was glaring down at me from the chalkboard over the counter.   In self-deluded ignorance I waited for my “Reggie” – an oversized buttermilk biscuit sandwiching a slab of southern fried chicken topped with cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, and slathered in sausage gravy. 

To be honest, this isn’t my favorite kind of food.  I know I’m not going to feel great after consuming a ton of fatty fried meat and white flour, but I’m committed to researching Portland’s foodie digs.  I didn’t plan to eat the whole Reggie sandwich when I sat down on a bench outside (there’s very little seating - expect a wait and/or make your order to go).  But it was so darn good.  Each component of the sandwich was by itself, exceptional.  The biscuit was tender and flaky inside, with a crispy exterior.  The spice encrusted fried chicken was juicy through and through.  The bacon was…all bacon is good so I’ll skip it.  The cheddar was real, and the gravy was rich and savory without being too heavy.  I kept toggling between taking small bites of the sandwich constituents and unhinging my jaw to get everything in one mouthful.  Thusly I consumed the entire gut bomb. 

As much as I enjoyed it, I won’t be ordering the Reggie again.  Next time, I’ll try the biscuits with stewed apples and whipped cream…

See Guy Fieri visit Pine State Biscuits on YouTube:  Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Pine State Biscuits

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