Mar 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung in Cold Spring

Look what I found poking out of the mostly dead grass in our front yard. 

We’re enjoying our third consecutive day of what I’d call perfect weather (daytime highs no more than 70, nights in the 40’s).  It feels as if summer could happen any second.  But not yet, please.  Summer is full of wonder since we moved to the country, and spring fills me with the excitement of so much to look forward to.  There are outdoor projects to plan and fantasize about:  starting a vegetable garden, building a hen house, adding to our deck… And the promise of our entire surroundings unfurling in bright blossoms and lush greenery.  The silent winter nights will be replaced with a cacophony of frogs and cicadas and the occasional coyote pack in the distance.  The cabin windows will be thrown open and stay so night and day for the whole season.  Our mountain lake, a frozen sheet for months, being reanimated will become our main source of enjoyment.  We’ll walk down with our coffee early in the morning to marvel at how the rising sun lights up the water, we’ll go for long swims in the hot afternoons, we’ll take the rowboat out in the evening to catch bass, pickerel, perch and sunfish.  We’ll lie on our backs on the wooden dock well after dark, watching for shooting stars, listening to the owls.  And every evening the sounds and smells of friends and families gathering to barbeque dinner will waft throughout the neighborhood, reminding us of what it felt like to be a kid in the summertime. 

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