Apr 14, 2010

Green Eggs and Kale

Chickens really do lay green eggs!  Okay, they’re more blue than green, Sam I am.  Consumers (that massive demographic that buys organic, free range, grass fed poultry ova) are fond of the blueys, thus the farm is mindful to put a few in every carton.  So I was surprised when I got home to find a number of blue eggs in a box I grabbed from the reject pile.  Maybe someone was a little sleepy at the egg sorting table today?  Lucky me.  I was also fortunate enough to receive some kale (that survived the northeast winter!) we pulled up in preparation for this year’s planting.  Now, you might think I eat gourmet meals every night – but one of my favorite breakfasts is simply soft boiled eggs with steamed kale.

Sadly, the kale won’t be around tomorrow morning.  I decided to make “kale chips” I’ve seen recipes for while I wrote this, and now most of the kale has been consumed.  The kale chips were a smash hit, with me at least.  But then, I love kale.

To make crispy kale:  Toss kale with a little olive oil, salt, and whatever seasonings you like.  Spread out on a baking sheet and bake at 300 for about ten minutes.  

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