Apr 2, 2010

Oh No, Fish Again?!

My dad has always been a hardcore, though not professional, fisherman.  He was a “professional” musician, which did little to put food on the table for his five children.  Let's just say that we ate a LOT of fish growing up.  I was so sick of fish/rice/salad dinners that I didn’t eat fish for at least ten years after I left home (I still hate salad).  The concept of paying to eat fish in a restaurant was absurd to me.  I suppose that unconsciously, I considered fish to be poor people’s food. 

I’ve completely flip-flopped.  There are now few food items I hold in higher esteem than a nice fresh piece of fish.  And rather than not eating fish in restaurants because I think it’s gross, I now find myself apprehensive about ordering fish because I’m afraid it won’t be fresh or properly prepared!  It seems that I’ve returned to my culinary childhood with an adult foodie’s snobbery.

Here is what I prepared for dinner this evening:  ling cod I caught in Alaska, with veggies sautéed in home made red curry paste and Thai sticky rice. 

I guess I’m pretty fortunate that my childhood meal wasn’t mac n’ cheese with hot dogs, because it easily could have been. 

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