Apr 12, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken Hearts

It wasn’t always fun to be a poor, half Asian kid growing up in rural Oregon.  I vividly recall facing myself in the bathroom mirror, using my index fingers to pull the skin away from my eyes to see how “white” I could look.  I’m thankful for my mixed heritage now - not just for my fabulous looks and humble demeanor, but for the broad experience of food it has given me.  I love chicken hearts, gizzards, livers, feet…so if you’re lucky enough live close to a farm where you can get these goodies super fresh and super cheap, well, you might want to give ‘em a try.  My dad used to make hearts in this teriyaki style when I was a kid.  They’re so tender and delicious; I might even be able to trick my (English) husband into eating them!

To see how I made these chicken hearts, go to the full photo album on Facebook:  frankie makes teriyaki chicken hearts on facebook

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