Dec 20, 2011

Hudson Valley Venison, Anyone?

Today was the last day of deer hunting season in the Hudson Valley - where a fully tagged hunter can bag up to four deer. Four!  As my interest in sustainable living, humane carnivory, and doing-everything-myself increases, I have realized that I need to learn to kill, or at least butcher, my own meat.  I actually showed up at Glynwood farm on this particular morning to learn how to kill and butcher a lamb, but when I arrived, Mark and Mary were already skinning two deer - double whammy!  Or is that a triple?  Anyway, I was fortunate enough to be able to document and take part in both the butchering of the deer and the "dispatching" of the lamb.  (I'll show you the lamb in a separate posting.)

To see the rest of the photos of the venison butchery, follow the Read More link below...

The two deer have been hanging for at least a week when Mark starts to skin them.

Hunting season occurs during a pretty cold part of the year in lower New York state.  You may freeze your butt off trying to get a deer, but you probably won't need a walk-in to hang them in.

Is was well below freezing the entire day.

Mary skins a doe.

This one is ready to cut.

We brought the venison into the chicken killing room at the farm.

Lucky dog.

Mark and Mary get to work.

A sawsall helps.

A beautiful roast off the hind quarter.

Venison shanks.

This dog's day just keeps getting better.

Mark demonstrates cutting out the back strap.

Back strap runs along each side of the spine.

Now that is a glorious piece of meat - which we all sampled raw.

Venison pot pie?

Mary cuts meat so beautifully.

Grist for the grinder.

That grinder kicks my grinder's butt.

Super lean ground venison.

I love wrapping packages.


  1. "Humane carnivory" hit the nail on the head Frankie...great job!

  2. Thanks, Rich. Many people would probably consider the term an oxymoron, but I believe it IS possible to be both a meat eater and a person who respects - even loves – animals at the same time. My thinking may change at some point, but for now I will continue to eat animals that I know were treated well in life and killed respectfully.