Dec 14, 2011

Last Harvest of 2011

My heart breaks a little when I pull the last produce from my home garden.  I know I’m facing a long winter of really crappy grocery store produce and/or very limited and hideously expensive farmer’s market items.  It’s winter in the Hudson Valley for like, six months – which is no small part of why I’m not fulfilled by living on the east coast.  I need to be outdoors.  A lot.  The nice thing about winter here is that it IS sunny most of the time, so I do get outside, but my face freezes off and then I get so sweaty inside my three hundred dollar north face parka…it frustrates and confuses my body.  Oh well, this is very likely my last winter on the east coast and I’m going to make the best of it.  What began as a ladies’ crafts night has blossomed into an impromptu holiday dinner party at our cabin tonight!  Yay!  It’s so rare to have anything occur on an impromptu basis in New York, and especially during the holidays.  I love holiday parties and dinners - and was kinda hoping to pull one together - but I just couldn’t muster the planning energy.  So I’m really pleased a few of my wonderful foodie/farmer friends are coming over tonight.  I love cooking all day.   I’m making a smoked chicken in my mini chief, roast butternut and apple soup, chicken liver paté, and chef john’s chocolate rum balls.  And of course I’ll sauté my last harvest of kale.

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