Dec 15, 2011

I love you but I've chosen dark chocolate

Refined sugar is the bane - the crack cocaine - of my existence.  I don’t need to know what “scientific” research has been done on the subject of its addictive properties to know that sugar is more powerful than any drug out there.  It’s pretty simple: if I begin my day with a lovely scone with a bit of jam, I’m screwed.   For the rest of the day, all I will want is sugar.  In the form of baked goods, chocolate, boxed cereal…whatever I can get my mitts on.  What drug on earth has the power to hook you after just one sample?!  In my day to day life, I see myself as either “on sugar” or “off sugar”, with no in-between possible.  Yesterday I made chocolate rum balls, and was heavily into the stuff.  Today I know could start anew and break the habit if I just deny myself refined sugar for the next 16 hours…but there are still a few rum balls left in the house.  Should I flush them down the toilet?  Because putting them in the waste bin will not prevent me from later going through the trash to find and eat them.  And so the bargaining begins.  How about I get rid of the rum balls by eating all of them right now and starve myself tomorrow?  Or eat them and then run for two hours?  Seriously, I can run for two hours.  This is really crazy.  This is what sugar does to me.  And it’s legal.

For the rum ball recipe I used, go to:  chef john makes rum balls on his awesome cooking blog.

I added chopped walnuts to half of the rum chocolate paste and they were wonderful!  

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