Dec 29, 2011

Work Lunch

I barely take time to eat when I'm working in jewelry studio.  I only take a break when I get so low blood sugar that I can't concentrate.  And then I proceed to hoark down whatever food I can prepare the fastest.  Occasionally, my thrown together lunch turns out to be something really nice.  Like today.  I happened to have on hand:  left over black bean soup I'd made a couple days after smoking a chicken - which means the beans were cooked with smoked chicken skin.  Mmm.  I try to get a little superfood every day, so pulled a bag of frozen kale (from my garden) out of the freezer and threw that in with the beans.  And I'd made jalapeño cheddar cornmeal biscuits with last night's dinner, so they were just sitting on top the stove.  Staring at me.  

I'll show you what I'm making in jewelry studio tomorrow.  

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