Jan 30, 2012

Calla Lily Inspired Earrings


This weird and wonderful warm weather has me convinced that it's spring in the Hudson Valley.  Not true...but I still felt like making something flowery.

Follow the See More link to see exactly how I made these Cally lily inspired earrings.  

I experimented until I came up with a shape that I could bend into the flowers.

I traced the shape onto paper and backed with adhesive.

I adhered the shapes to brass and sterling silver sheet metals.

I cut the shapes with tin snips.

Removed the adhesive backing.

Hammered the sheet metal for texture.  

Annealed (softened) the metal so I could bend it with less wrist strain.

Sanded the pieces.

Polished the pieces.

Ready to bend.

I kinda laughed when my friend bought me this tiny anvil - but I use it all the time!

I bent the pieces around the anvil.

Not flowers yet.

I used a series of pliers to bend the petal outwards.


Calla lilies only have a single stamen, but I wanted three danglies on these.

I made sterling and brass ball pins with my torch.

I cut them to length.

I formed a loop at each end.

Silver stamen.  I did them in brass as well. 

For the hoops I wanted the flowers to hang from, I cut sterling and brass wires.

I formed a loop at one end.

One end of the silver and brass hoop earrings.

I bent the wires around my ring mandrel.

Too plain.  I like texture.

I used my tiny anvil again to hammer each hoop.


The flower stamen grouped into threes.

I oxidized all the pieces in liver of sulphur.

I'll have to polish everything one last time.

Before and after polishing.

Now we're getting somewhere.

I fed the wire through the top of the flower and secured everything with a wrap.  

I made something like this many years ago, but I think these are even better.


  1. Fabulous !! These are so nice. Thanks for all the detailed info. You sure are talented ! Sharon

  2. Absolutely stunning. I checked your etsy shop and I don't see anything. I hope you post things there soon!!

  3. These are lovely
    What thickness is your sheet metal please?

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