Jan 26, 2012

Choc-Full-O-Seeds: Making a No Knead Seeded Whole Grain Bread

This is the first cooking video I made with an SLR camera (a canon rebel T2i).  I made it about two months ago and published it on my youtube channel.  Didn't even think to put in on my blog, which was fairly defunct at the time.  

I've been making no knead bread for a couple years now.  I was so excited when I learned how, that I made my first cooking video as a way to convey the info to my friends and family.  The video was super crappy looking, but the sound was great because my husband is a professional voice over actor and a recording engineer.  He recorded me in his "booth" and processed the sound for the video. 

I was truly moved to hear from so many people who learned to make bread because of my video, but I didn't start thinking too seriously about making cooking videos for another two years, by which time I had abandoned my canon point and shoot and was shooting still photos with an SLR.  I didn't want to be dependent on my husband's help to make cooking videos.  He's a busy actor and I knew it wouldn't work for me to have to wait around until he was available.  So I finally got up the gumption and committed myself to learning how to shoot and edit video, then record and edit voice over.  That was two months ago now, during which time I've also abandoned iMovie for Final Cut Pro.  I've only learned the basics of Final Cut so far, and I have yet to get a consistent sounding voice over recording (the husband says I need to work on my "mic technique").  

But back to the bread, which is what I initially intended to write about.  I love making bread!   Who doesn't?  But I consider white bread, and even all whole wheat bread, to be a troublesome food.  I experience erratic blood sugar levels when I'm regularly eating bread.  Which makes me hungry all the time.  And moody.  The only kind of bread I can consistently consume without losing my equilibrium is a very dark, nutty, all whole grain, fermented style of bread that I first started buying at the Polish grocery where I was living in Brooklyn.  You know the bread?  It comes in a block rather than a loaf, with square slices half the thickness of anything else in the grocery store, and is super dense, moist and slightly crumbly.  Two toasted slices of that bread with some eggs or peanut butter, and I'm good to go for a few hours.  

I decided to try and develop something close to that type of bread that I could make at home.  This is what I came up with.  It's so easy to make, and really satisfying.  And best of all, I can eat a couple slices of it every morning and not feel like I'm losing my mind.  I think this is about as close as you can get to "healthy" bread.  

*Note:  some people have asked me about substituting flours in this recipe.  Mainly, they wanted to know if they could use more whole wheat flour and less rye and buckwheat flours.  Well, sure you could use all whole wheat flour if you like, but it won't turn out like the bread in the video.  Whole wheat flour has a lot of gluten in it compared to rye and buckwheat.  Which means the dough will be stickier, and it will rise much more - too much for a single bread pan.  (The dough in my recipe is so heavy and low in gluten, that it doesn't rise until put in the oven, and not very much even then.)  I suggest that if you want to make this bread with only whole wheat flour, that you divide the dough into two bread pans and let it rise in the pan for about an hour before baking.  I imagine the best results would come from throwing the whole thing into a dutch oven as I show in my first bread making video:  no knead white bread with Frankie Kimm

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