Jan 3, 2012

Crystal Trickle Earrings

I'm WAY into these earrings at the moment.  My intention was to make a simpler (as in more wearable and less expensive) version of last week's Crystal Falls design.  I think I might like these even better!  I've been watching the original Poirot series with David Suchet while I work in jewelry studio, so I'm guessing it's no coincidence these turned out sort of art deco looking.  I experimented with several shapes for the folded brass piece, but this is the one that pleased me most - just as what pleases me most about those old Poirot shows is the costuming and set design.  The show is pure silliness otherwise.  I wouldn't be able to watch t.v. and make jewelry at the same time if the program was too engrossing, so I usually put on something silly or that I've already seen a hundred times.

My enthusiasm for things I've made is very short-lived.  I may love these earrings today, but I'll be so over them in a few days, convinced that I can make something more interesting.  It feels kind of pretentious to call oneself an artist, but I am driven by an compulsion to make things.  And I love solving creative problems.  I don't know what that makes me.

To see more photos of my latest earring design, follow the Read More link below...

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