Jan 16, 2012

Losing Faith in Kidney

The jury is still out on kidney meat. Last year I fried up slices of pork kidney from Glynwood farm, and although I perceived a slightly metallic taste, when paired with a sweet and acidic concord grape sauce, I actually enjoyed it. Last week, I thought I'd try to make steak and kidney pie with the kidney from an elk we'd killed a couple days earlier. The elk kidney looked fresh and healthy to me, but when I started to fry it…hooey! Did it stink like crap. I mean it really smelled like feces. I gave it to the backyard birds. Now, I know that people eat kidneys. Not that you can really count on the British when it comes to cuisine, but steak and kidney pie is a classic. Of course, it's not made with an elk kidney, rather beef or lamb. I've still got a beef kidney in the deep freeze, so I'm going to give it one more chance before I jettison kidney from my kitchen altogether.

*I'm kidding about the British.  I married one, after all.  

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  1. Kudos for trying! Keep up the good work.