Jan 12, 2012

Smoked Elk Liver Paté

I've been working with elf offal while the main carcass of the cow Mary and I bought awaits butchery (we'll start this evening).  The elk's liver weighed a full five pounds before we sliced off a couple steaks for searing.  I decided to try smoking the bulk of it.  I don't know if drying it to form a pellicle was a mistake or not, but it came out with a thick, rubbery skin.  I also wonder if the temperature in my smoker was too low, because it had a slightly rubbery texture throughout.  And as you can see in the video, the flesh after smoking was a hideous pink…with green spots.  (I read that the spots are a normal result of oxidation.)  So although the flavor of the smoked elk liver was quite good, the texture and appearance were totally grody.  When I presented a hunk of it to Mary, we both agreed that I should go back to the kitchen and attempt to push it a bit further.  I'm glad I did.  I used the elk liver in my (chicken liver) paté recipe and it turned out fantastic.  I'll be happy to deliver a couple pounds of Smoked Elk Liver version 2.0 to Mary this evening.

To see my chicken liver paté recipe, go to:  frankie makes chicken liver pate on Facebook

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