Jul 31, 2012

Pickled Jalapenos

Not everything in my home garden is doing great.  The tomatoes - the first I've grown from seeds rather than starts - are a total failure.  Not only are the plants being ravaged by fungi, but I made the mistake of planting them next to a six foot tall fence.  I hoped the fence would offer some support for the plants, instead it's given squirrels such ready access to the fruit that there's none left for me to harvest.  Cranky Frankie.  Oh well…I guess I'll let my attachment to the season's most important crop go.  Other crops are doing surprisingly well.  Like the eggplants and hot peppers.  There are so many jalapeños on the bush that I decided to make one of my favorite condiments with 'em:  I love eggs over easy, smothered with a layer of melty cheddar that's studded with slices of pickled jalapeños.  

For the brine I used approximately:
3 cups of water
3 cups of apple cider vinegar
3 tablespoons of kosher salt
2 tablespoons of sugar

I sliced the peppers and stuffed them into a quart sized canning jar.

I brought the pickle brine to a boil and poured it over the sliced jalapeños.  That's it!  

I sampled a slice the next day and lordy, I hope the heat mellows out in time 'cause they are about ten times hotter than store bought pickled peppers.  I really should have sliced them much thinner.
A peck of peppers from my home garden.  I should have sliced them about half as thick, because they're WAY hotter than anything from a grocery store.  

I packed the slices into a quart sized canning jar.

I have lots of cayenne peppers in my garden as well, so I threw a couple green ones in the mix.  Whole.  

I brought the pickling brine to a boil and poured it over the jalapeño slices. 

Hot and hotter.  

I'm a pickling fool.

I don't eat breakfast most days, but when I do...

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