Oct 21, 2012

Brown Sugar Glazed Oven Smoked Pork Roast with Frankie Kimm

This is one of my favorite dishes to serve a group of people.  Partly because everything can be finished ahead of my guests' arrival, and partly because everyone loves it so much.  I've been making this brown sugar glazed, oven smoked pork roast and calling it Korean Bo Ssam, though it really isn't.  But I do like to serve it asian style, with a basket of coconut sticky rice, fresh basil and lettuce leaves, crisp slices of cucumber, my home made jalapeño/cilantro/garlic sauce - and the essential "ssamjang gochujang" sauce from my local asian market.  No matter how you serve this super tender, salty sweet and smoky pork, your carnivorous friends will go crazy over it!  

If you decide to make this for dinner, just know that once it's glazed it can be covered with foil allowed to rest for up to an hour before serving.  

Oct 10, 2012

Jalapeño Jam

I can't believe how productive the jalapeño plant in my Hudson Valley garden has been.  That little bush has produced a couple hundred peppers over the past two months!  I've already frozen a bag of 'em and pickled a jar that'll last me a year.  Normally I'd can or freeze  salsa, but this season my tomato plants all died of blight.  Which left me wondering what to do with all them peppers.  Hot sauce initially came to mind, but I didn't feel all that excited to make it.  Then I remembered the jalapeño jelly a friend of my dad's brought him - I loved how sweet and sour it was (and wondered what the base was made from).  I decided to attempt a batch of it.  The magic ingredient turns out to be apple cider vinegar.  All the jalapeño jam recipes I found were basically vinegar jelly with minced peppers suspended in it.  I love vinegar.  When I was a kid, I regularly consumed gut searing concoctions of strait vinegar and chopped onions.  I'd add Tobasco sauce if it was in the house.  Anyway…it's no wonder I loved that hot pepper jam my dad's friend gave him.  

I'm happy with my how my first batch of jalapeño jam turned out - though the truth is that as much as I love to make jam, I rarely indulge in the strait stuff.  That's not to say that any jam is wasted in our home.  It all goes into pies and tarts and cobblers and cakes.  And today's jam can be used as a key ingredient in something completely different I like to make - sweet and sour oxtail.  But that's another post.

Oct 3, 2012

I Ate Squawfish Part II: smoked fish schmear

In my previous post I wrote about Oregon's bias against a natural predator of salmon - previously called Squawfish, recently renamed the Northern Pikeminnow.  And then I ate one.  Or half of one, anyway.  For this post, I'm going to show you the delicious smoked fish spread I made with the other half of the so-called "trash" fish I caught while angling for steelhead on the Rogue river a couple weeks ago.

Fourteen years of living in New York has had an enormous impact on my diet.  Primarily in the sense that I found the  produce so shitty there that I became determined to grow my own.  I changed my whole life as a result of my dissatisfaction with the quality of food available in New York - and I'm so glad.  I'm ecstatic to be starting my little Hipster Homestead in Oregon now, but there are a few food items I'll miss from the east coast.  Like a real New York bagel to go with my home made Jewish style smoked fish schmear.  Actually, I probably wouldn't even know what Jewish whitefish spread was if I hadn't lived in NYC.  And for that matter, an actual Jewish person.