Oct 21, 2012

Brown Sugar Glazed Oven Smoked Pork Roast with Frankie Kimm

This is one of my favorite dishes to serve a group of people.  Partly because everything can be finished ahead of my guests' arrival, and partly because everyone loves it so much.  I've been making this brown sugar glazed, oven smoked pork roast and calling it Korean Bo Ssam, though it really isn't.  But I do like to serve it asian style, with a basket of coconut sticky rice, fresh basil and lettuce leaves, crisp slices of cucumber, my home made jalapeño/cilantro/garlic sauce - and the essential "ssamjang gochujang" sauce from my local asian market.  No matter how you serve this super tender, salty sweet and smoky pork, your carnivorous friends will go crazy over it!  

If you decide to make this for dinner, just know that once it's glazed it can be covered with foil allowed to rest for up to an hour before serving.  


  1. Okay, my mouth is truly watering now. Gotta do this one! Thanks Frankie

  2. We made this tonight; it worked fabulously! Thank you, thank you for this amazing recipe. I served it with sweet and sour red cabbage and apples and some boiled potatoes. Incredible how that smoke flavor totally permeates the meat.